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The Current IT Environment has become too dense and complex. A lot of time and investment is focussed on maintenance while trying to meet the needs of the Customers who demand instant services. One of the many benefits of adapting Cloud Computing into your Organization is high availability and scalability. Cloud Computing Provides an easy to adapt solution that is comprehensively cost-effective and harnesses your current available technology investments to its maximum potential  

Capstone TEK believes in providing competitive and tailored services aligned to customer specific needs.
All this enables us to provide you the following advantages:

  • Reduced release turnaround time
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Reduced startup time for new engagements
  • Build up of test metrics to measure and control product quality

Benefits and Advantages of Adapting Cloud Infrastructure

  • Increased Scalability: Cloud computing follows a model where the customer pays for only what they use. The upside being elimination of additional software and hardware resources.
  • Quality of Service: Any downtime can send an IT company downstream. In case of Cloud computing immediate response and support is guaranteed.
  • Reduced cost: In Cloud Computing the technological costs are paid incrementally, thus saving organization money. This is where the Pay-per-use model is put in place.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Cloud computing necessitates extremely reliable and regular backup of users resources thus eliminating software or hardware failures from interrupting or destroying user data.
  • Portability: One of the greatest advantages of Cloud computing is the availability of files, resources anytime and anywhere with access to the Internet. With a major portion of the workforce being mostly mobile, Cloud Computing not only facilitates access but in turn provides real productivity