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At Capstone TEK, we've fostered a culture that attracts and retains the finest employees, clients and consultants. It is based on five simple, steadfast core values -- integrity, respect, service excellence, unity and 'intra'preneurship.

Making promises we can keep and keeping them, where each team member has ownership for the quality of the service we provide.

Esteeming each individual's contributions, valuing the diversity of our ideas and celebrating our accomplishments.

Service Excellence
Demonstrating the highest standards, wisdom and stewardship in the way we serve our clients, as well as our consultants.

Cooperatively building a fun, fulfilling and competitive workplace, collaboratively leveraging our local efforts toward collective success.

'Intra'preneurship (entrepreneurship within the organization)
Acting as empowered and trusted team members who take direct accountability for turning ideas into profitability through innovation and calculated risk-taking.

As we initiate any project, we ensure results we can be proud of.  We will surpass your expectations at rates lower than any of our competitors.  Our capabilities and track-record of success is evidence of our skill.

Our model promotes staffing, scope and pricing flexibility - it's our job to adapt to our clients' evolving needs. Thus, every project receives the attention and diligence it deserves from a ‘trusted advisor’ to guide processes and provide assurance.  We provide a local presence with a global footprint.

We possess an extensive database of the best and the brightest. We provide a team of brilliant consultants experienced in industry and technology sectors that work collectively with our clients to drive solutions that make sense.

Every aspect of the projects we manage is progressively monitored and improved upon to ensure quality results.  We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and contract compliance.  Our guarantee is what differentiates us in a market of increased competition and decreasing quality of service.