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Capstone Tek LLC delivers the people, processes, infrastructure and technologies that organizations need to effectively align IT with their business objectives. We assist our clients meet their business needs and provide cost containment through contingent IT services and by providing the expertise and tools necessary to maximize productivity and create a competitive advantage. 

To succeed in the complex world of technology, Capstone Tek LLC has exceptional connections - to the right experts, the right opportunities to provide the right solutions. You'll find Capstone Tek LLC right in the center of this ever-changing technological world - connecting possibilities and providing cost effective solutions. We at Capstone Tek LLC use our insight, reachability and expanded resources to anticipate the needs of leading IT companies and help them make exceptional connections.

The Introduction

We'll start by becoming familiar with your company and the business. Next, we'll work with the hiring manager to get an understanding of the position that needs to be filled. This includes a description of the position, salary expectations, a thorough technical requirements discussion, and timelines. Once we gather this information, it is now our job to deliver the perfect candidate.

The Search

With a deep understanding of your needs - we begin our search by exploring our vast network of talent. Once we zero in on those we feel would be the best candidates, we perform a thorough interview including both a personality profile and a full technical screen. This process allows us to narrow down our selection to a handful of individuals which we then deliver to you for a final screening conducted by you.

The Presentation

We'll provide you with important details about the candidates we have chosen allowing you to choose which ones(s) you would like to pursue. We'll then coordinate the best time for you to meet the candidate(s) in person. Following your interview with the candidate, we'll discuss the outcome of the interview with you and coordinate the next steps.

The Finale

Once a decision has been reached, we'll work closely with you on what often is the most stressful part of the process. In working with the candidate, we'll have a good understanding of their salary requirements as well as your budget. Knowing this - we are able to provide guidance on your offer to secure the candidate. We'll work through the negotiations between you and the candidate and finalize the compensation and other related items. 

Our job isn't done when the candidate is delivered. We will continue to check in to ensure the candidate is fulfilling the role as promised. If you're not happy - neither are we.